BATAILLE DE SANG – Short Film Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Advance Review (Premiering at the Terror Expo October 9th in Johnson City NY, Cable Access in Binghamton NY on Halloween weekend, Online Halloween Night. Head Here for Details)
  • WRITTEN BY: Mark Dickinson
  • DIRECTED BY: Mark Dickinson
  • STARRING: Marquis DeBlood, Wayne W. Johnson, Greta Volkova

Each Halloween season, an intrepid group of filmmakers, led by musician, actor, and all around cool ghoul Mark Dickinson, head out into the vast, untamed, wilderness of Binghamton, New York and produce another chapter of the continuing adventures of the vicious vampire, DeBlood (click here to catch up)! This year’s chapter is titled BATAILLE DE SANG, and it continues the formula of monster mayhem and silent movie pastiche!

In last year’s episode, DeBlood battled the nefarious Dr. Lycos (who just so happens to be a werewolf as well) and his creature, but the devious doc slipped away into the forest escaping the blood suckers’ clutches. BATAILLE DE SANG picks up with DeBlood catching up to Lycos, now in his fang and fur mode, and engaging in a pitch battle. Meanwhile, a femme fatale of a vile vamp is snatching babies from a local village. Well soon our be-fanged anti-hero crosses paths with this comely lass and discovers she is a “child” of vampire numero uno; Count Dracula himself! It becomes readily apparent that ol’ Big D and D.B. don’t exactly get along too well, and add Dr. Van Helsing into the mix and things get downright calamitous. Fangs are bared, bats fly free, and stakes are hurled before this baby ends!

While a micro budgeted affair, BATAILLE DE SANG (like its predecessors ) is filled to the brim with heart and fun, and every scene shows just how much the folks involved really love and revere the silent shockers of yore. You won’t go wanting for monsters in these things either, which is a huge plus for your’s cruelly.

If you’re looking for something to get those ol’ Halloween-y juices flowing (that doesn’t sound right) this year, or are looking for something to play during your Samhain shin-dig, BATAILLE DE SANG is just what the (mad) doctor ordered; it’s silent, violent, and spooky…sounds like my ex…anyway, check this out creeps, I think you’ll dig it for what it is, and as a bonus for all of you cheap bastards (a.k.a. my entire audience) it’ll be free to watch!


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