ATROZ – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Now Available on Blu-ray/DVD/CD Combo Pack (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Lex Ortega, Sergio Tello
  • DIRECTED BY: Lex Ortega
  • STARRING: David Aboussafy, Laurette Flores, Aleyda Gallardo

 Torture porn; I fucking hate it…a lot. So when I received a review copy of ATROZ; a new torture porn shocker from Unearthed Films; a company that specializes in this sort of thing. Will ATROZ change my mind on the subject? I think we both know the answer to that.

The story of ATROZ is simple; two drunken men hit a woman with their car, and when the police arrive on the scene they find a video camera. They of course watch the footage on said camera, as you do. What follows is the sickening death of a prostitute at the hands of the men in the car. As the investigation continues more charming footage is found and we are treated to those hoary ol’ chestnuts; rape, torture, and murder.

This movie wasn’t for me; I’m no fan of the genre, and I derive zero pleasure from watching torture for torture’s sake. But, I have to be honest; while the story isn’t particularly original, the film is rather well done. The switch between found footage and more conventional film making is effective, and the gore (which is plentiful) is incredibly well done. The only problem some may have is that the film is presented in Spanish (it was filmed in Mexico), and so you’ll have to bounce from the action to the subtitles, and I know that gets some of you creep’s knickers in a twist. On an interesting side note; this flick gets some horror street cred in that it was produced by CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST’s Ruggero Deodato; a man instrumental in popularizing extreme, torturous gore in sin-ema.

Another way in which this release shines is the package Unearthed has put together; you get both the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the film, the soundtrack on a separate CD, and plenty of behind-the-scenes featurettes.

So there you go; if torture porn is your bag baby, then give ATROZ a go; its brutality and slick effects will no doubt tickle your sadist bone…but for the rest of us, you can just walk on by.


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