DAYLIGHT’S END – Movie Review

DaylightsEnd Poster


  • RELEASE DATE: In Theaters Now
  • WRITTEN BY: Chad Law
  • DIRECTED BY: William Kaufman
  • STARRING: Johnny Strong, Lance Henriksen, Louis Mandylor

 When the main focus of your fright flick is a creature-laden apocalypse the deck is already stacked against you, because let’s face it creeps every goddamned director in and out of the horror biz seems to be takin’ a stab at it these days…and to tell you the truth; I’m kinda bored to tears even writing these words about the genre. So with that rather large caveat in place; let’s take a look at the new creature apocalypse (this time it’s vampires…which we’ve seen quite a bit of in this scenario with films like STAKELAND and I AM LEGEND immediately springing to mind) flick DAYLIGHT’S END.

DAYLIGHT’S END follows the adventures of Rourke; a brooding ass kicker that has been travelling the country, or what’s left of it, eliminating vamps (though they are not referred to as such) wherever he finds them with extreme firepower (and sunlight ‘natch). Along with our blood-suckin’ baddies; R-man must contend with various and sundry gun-totin’ human assholes as well. It’s from one such group of these nuts that Rourke rescues Sam, who in turn invites him to her camp of survivors led by police man Frank Hill (Lance mother F’n Henriksen no less!). Before long, Rourke hatches a plan to bring the fight to the fang-bangers themselves which of course results in some stunning carnage!

As much as I can’t believe I’m going to say this; DAYLIGHT’S END is a damn fine lil’ fright flick! It’s packed to the beastly brim with gobs of fast action, the blood flows often, and the acting is nuanced and solid (with the aforementioned Henriksen the real stand out unsurprisingly). Also of note is the fact that the film feels waaay bigger than it is due to director William Kaufman deftly utilizing his action set-pieces to maximum effect.

If there is a weakness in the film, it unfortunately lies with the creatures menacing our heroes. These things could easily just be zombies or those fast-ass plague victims from the 28 DAYS LATER series, with the exception that they have the nasty quality of turning into shitereens when exposed to a p.h. of sunlight. C’mon folks; embrace your damn vampires; have them change shape, climb walls…you know the ghoulish goods (and I just know someone behind this flick is going to read this and say “Yeah smartass, we’ll do that…let us just pull an extra mil out of our ass”).

I give DAYLIGHT’S END a recommendation; it may be a tad clichéd but the solid action, taut suspense, and great acting make this one a fun watch…now if only the damn vicious vamps had been more interesting (I think I’m going to keep bitching about this all day…ok, I’m over it…wait…nope, I’m over it).


2 thoughts on “DAYLIGHT’S END – Movie Review

  1. Is it another one like so many today that heavily focuses on the human characters and the monsters are kind of a generic backdrop? I’m more interested in the creatures and it’s a huge disappointment when they’re shallow, undeveloped characters… I can name a hundred movies of the past where I can talk all day about specific creatures and while I can also talk about the human characters, I never even bothered to learn their names because it’s the creatures that drive it.


  2. Yeah; the humans are the focus more than the generic creatures; but when one of the humans is Lance Henrikson you’re not doing too bad. The thing that really saves this are the action sequences…


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