• RELEASE DATE: Now available on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Various
  • DIRECTED BY: Various
  • STARRING: Bruce Campbell, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago

 Well, here it is creeps; 20 plus years of begging, pleading and general acting up has yielded us connoisseurs of all things chin and deadite a bountiful yield…in other words we are finally getting more real-deal EVIL DEAD action staring the Bruce himself (with Sam Raimi himself at the helm of the die-but episode for an extra terror treat). So was it worth all the wait?

You know goddamned well it totally was! What can I say about this without just devolving into a complete slobbering mess of horror-nerd goop…let’s start with the basics. Ashley Williams (Campbell) is a trailer park dwellin’, bar floozy screwin’, store clerk who just so happened to experience a whole boat load of demonic terror 30 years prior thanks to some ill-advised reading of ancient texts from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis; an evil book bound in human flesh. Well, ol’ Ash kept that book all these long haunted years, and after a night of smokin’ it up with a comely lass, he reads from the book to impress said lady (as she loves foreign poetry).  It is both parts absurd and perfect. Before ya know it, deadites keep popin’ up six ways to Sunday (and are dispatched with bucket upon bucket of gore), and it’s up to Ash and his new sidekicks Pablo (Santiago) and Kelly (DeLorenzo) (culled from the same rank and file retail world he occupies) to try and set things right. Adding to the static Ash faces is an intrepid policewoman trying to solve her partner’s murder as well as a bad-ass deadite hunter who may be much more than she appears.

Ash is arguably Bruce Campbell’s greatest role; an arrogant, bumbling, everyman with a very special talent; killing demons in the bloodiest ways imaginable…and fret not because every single thing we loved about Ash in the previous three cinematic outings is intact and pitch perfect throughout this series. That being said, the character develops a bit more than what we have grown to expect, as the expanded format; plus having others dependent on him, have allowed his leadership qualities only briefly touched upon in the series (most notably in the finale of the third feature ARMY OF DARKNESS, which incidentally resides outside of this programs continuity…so far).

So that’s the series in a nutshell; but besides every superlative episode of Season One; this Blu has some extra frightful fun in store for connoisseurs of carnage; namely a handful of short featurettes that briefly describe what the production tried to accomplish with each episode, a segment on dispatching deadites, and brief compilation of Ash’s trademark brand of assery. But; as cool as all that is; the real gift to fans of the show are the commentaries; yup, that’s right every episode features a commentary featuring cast and crew (Bruce included ‘natch…hell, even Raimi himself shows up)!  

ASH VS EVIL DEAD feels exactly like the fourth part of the series (AOD omission aside); it’s hyper-violent, funny and an irresistible joy-ride for lovers of the EVIL DEAD franchise, and therefore I am recommending the sh*t out of this! The only negative I can point out is that when this Blu ends you’ll be climbing the walls waiting for the next season to begin!

Still hungry for more Ash action? Enjoy these bonus clips my creeps!


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