CLOWN – Movie Review [Bonus Interview with Andy Powers]



  • RELEASE DATE: Available August 23rd on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Christopher Ford, Jon Watts
  • DIRECTED BY: Jon Watts
  • STARRING: Andy Powers, Laura Allen, Peter Stormare

 CLOWN: the new fright flick produced by “love him or hate him” director Eli Roth, attempts to do the seemingly impossible; make clowns, that most clichéd and over played horror trope, actually scary again (at least that’s what the marketing would lead you to believe). Yeah; I don’t have high hopes either my creeps.

CLOWN tells the tale of Kent; a loving father that fills in for a double booked clown to entertain at his son’s birthday party. This seems innocuous enough, except for one fact; the clown suit he found to wear to the party has become permanently affixed to him. It seems said suit isn’t a suit at all; it is in fact the skin and hair of an ancient demon and it’s making Kent over in its image, it’s also making him very, very hungry…hungry for the flesh of children.

Let’s make one thing clear; CLOWN isn’t an overly scary film; it’s far too cartoony and ludicrous (in the way I adore) in concept for that. What it is though is a completely over-the-top, practical effects laden, exceedingly dark, good time of a genre flick!

Andy Powers gives a great performance as our modern day Larry Talbot archetype; an everyday dude that gets in way over his head in the horror biz through an innocent fatherly decision on his behalf. He’s able to go from likeable to sympathetic to full on demon mother-f—ker in the blink of grease painted eye. Peter Stormare also shines in his role of the half-crazed former owner of the evil costume; and the world building ancient legends he provides add another layer of fun to the proceedings.

As we are all lovers of monstrous mayhem; I’m happy to say this film shines is in the effects department; buckets of creative gore effects and unique creature design work all add up to a gore hounds delight.

CLOWN is where it’s at for lovers of the more absurd end of the spectrum when it comes to fright flicks (like me!); it’s creative in the way it makes a worn out horror cliché something unique again, it’s oft-times disturbing, and most of all (and most importantly), it’s a lot of super-wrong fun!

Check this out my creeps; Andy Powers, the star of the very fright flick I reviewed above recently came by the ol’ Crypt o’ XIII for a lil’ chat!

DANIEL XIII. Welcome, Andy! Fill my fiends in on CLOWN, and the role you play in the flick!

ANDY POWERS. Clown is the story of an all American dad Kent (played by yours truly) who is forced, last minute, to fill in for a clown at his son’s birthday party. He happens to find an “abandoned” trunk in a dilapidated basement. Inside is an old and mysterious clown costume. He puts it on and saves the day. However, the next morning the suit refuses to come off. Slowly it gets tighter and tighter. After investigating its origins he discovers it is the skin and hair of a demon. The film is about the inexorable and terrifying transformation both outside and in his own mind to a child eating demon.

XIII. What ass-pains did you face during the shoot?

AP. We didn’t have a huge budget so we had to maximize the time we had. I personally had to be in the make-up trailer around four hours a day before filming fourteen to eighteen hours a day. The make-up was really claustrophobic and uncomfortable at times; particularly the contact lenses. The schedule was grueling. We would start our workday on Monday at the normal 7am, but by our fifth day of the week we were showing up to work at 12am Saturday to work another 18 hours. The entire cast and crew went a little nuts.


XIII. Are you a fan of fright flicks, and if so, what are some of your favs?

AP. I do like horror movies… if they’re good. If there is a good story I think horror films are the best kind of movie. I watch a scary movie and feel like I’m going die! So if I’m going to go through that it better be worth it. Some of my favorites are THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, THE EXORCIST, and the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. I also loved THE CONJURING. I think the best horror films are when seemingly ordinary people are thrust into ordinary circumstances.

XIII. Do you have any more horror biz roles on the horizon?

AP. No. I think this is it for the time being. I want to make sure my body of work is focused on good story telling rather than trying to corner a niche. My next project IS ATLAS OF THE SOUL written by Lauren Fox and Directed by Jeremiah Kipp. It’s a magical-realism love story.

XIII. Fangs for stoppin’ by Andy!


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