HELL TOWN – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available August 23rd on VOD
  • WRITTEN BY: Steve Balderson, Elizabeth Spear
  • DIRECTED BY: Steve Balderson, Elizabeth Spear
  • STARRING: Debbie Rochon, Pleasant Gehman, Jennifer Grace

 Presented as a handful of missing episodes of a notorious horror themed, high camp, soap opera (complete with recaps from previous episodes and opening credits); HELL TOWN details the  (way over-the-top) drama queen ass foolery of small town seniors as they deal with repressed sexuality, obsessions, and the occasional cat fight or two. This being a horror film and all, these hapless delinquents must also deal with a blood crazed serial killer known as The Letter Jacket Killer…who may just be one of the aforementioned high school hellions. Add into the mix a sadistic nurse, a matriarch to a powerful family in a coma, and an inheritance at stake…along with some grizzly slayings and you got the makings of a multi-genre skewing larff-fest.

As you may have guessed from the description up yonder; HELL TOWN is a comedy first, horror flick second…very, very second. But, that’s not to say that the flick isn’t worth your time as a horror hound; as the tropes of both slasher flicks and daytime TV are satirized with equal aplomb with a cast that deserves a special mention as they are really game for all of the over-the-top nonsense they have to say and do (and I really don’t know how they managed to keep a straight face for some of these scenes).

As ridiculous and entertaining as I found the goings-on in HELL TOWN; it will admittedly not be for everyone; especially those that enjoy more sedate, less broad humor, and those that abhor laughter all together (and I know you’re out there; grimly frowning as you scroll right past my column). Also; if you came into this hoping to see a ton of everyone’s fav scream queen Debbie Rochon you might want to move along as ol’ Devilish Debbie merely acts as a host to the proceedings and appears mainly in the wrap around segment.

All-in-all HELL TOWN is a lot of goofy fun surrounding some surprisingly effective kills; and it definitely gets points for originality. As long as you are in the right mindset you’ll have a blast with this one.



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